On the first CREATALKS, we have talked about how to be a lovable creator while keep being authentic with Andrea Gunawan (@catwomanizer) and Richie Wirjan of Credens Consulting. So, how to create the content?

That’s why we decided to give you another room to learn. This time we will talk about “STAND OUT CONTENT IN 2019” with Bill Satya (Photographer), Amira Dayanara & Irene Pitarini of @overheardjkt.


You will have a chance to learn and discuss about:

  • Content concept
  • Translating concept idea into content
  • Visualizing a content
  • Build traffic to the content
  • Tips & trick for making a stand out content

It’s time for you to shine in 2019, so don’t miss it!

Register now at http://bit.ly/creatalks-2


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