A word can be very impactful. Imagine if you could understand how to string words into an impacful sentence and how you can assemble those sentences into something that is so powerful to convey your thoughts. Let’s learn together with Lewis Yang and Alyssa Maharani at CREATALKS Vol.4: Powerful Content Writing”. It will held on Tuesday, 16 April 2019 at Kantorkuu Coworking Space – Citywalk Sudirman, Jakarta.

Who is Lewis?

As a marketing graduates back in 2016, Lewis has succesfully built an online community named @titikmulai which he founded back in August 2018. He inspires young and new entrepreneur to start taking action on what they are planning. TitikMulai does not emphasize on aesthethic visual content but strong and relevant copywriting strategy which inspires their community.

Who is Alyssa?

Alyssa is a former TV journalist whose writing has been featured in many publications including Bobo, High End Teen, Kompas, and Indonesia Mengglobal. Her writing has received awards including 2nd place in national poetry writing competition, Wharton Research Scholar designation and Indonesia Ambassador’s Award of Excellence. She finds her niche specialties within startup and tech which allows her to create weekly content for @forbesindonesia.

Things that you will learn from Lewis and Alyssa:

– How to do a habitual writing
– How to get a source or references for the topic and content
– How to sharp focus on the content while remaining succinct
– How to know your readers/audiences
– How to set the best writing structure
– How to write an engaging storytelling
– How to maintain original content writing
– How to market your content writing
– Tips & trick about content writing

Register now at http://bit.ly/creatalks-4


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