Podcast is currently becoming a trend in Indonesia. Some of them are really good in creating their content that is really relevant to their audiences based on daily issues that we face today. So definitely it is the right moment for podcast time. Let’s learn together about the hot thing with Fellexandro Ruby and Radhini Aprilya at CREATALKS Vol.5: It’s Podcast Time!”. It will held on Tuesday, 14 May 2019 at Kantorkuu Coworking Space – Citywalk Sudirman, Jakarta.

Who is Ruby?

Known as the Food Blogger / Influncer in Instagram, he currently love to share his knowledge about passion, books, goals, and business through podcast named “Thirty Days of Lunch” with his partner, Ario Pratomo. Besides that, Ruby is also the man behind Wanderbites, a branding and social media agency for clients who want to grow their portfolios in social media through branding and photography.

Who is Radhini?

Radhini is a singer-songwriter who has launched her debut album “Awal” and few single after. She is previously worked as a Radio DJ for 10 years at Trax FM Jakarta and Gen FM Jakarta. She is now ‘cooking’ her next album while expecting her firstborn child. Besides that, Radhini create “Rapot” Podcast together with her friends Anka Tama, Reza Chandika, and Natasha Abigail. The enterteinent podcast that published every Thursday shares daily life content from the fourth perpective.

Things that you will learn from Ruby and Radhini:

– Why podcast?
– How to edit your podcast
– Is jingle necessary?
– How to know your audience?
– How to find references?
– What is the best platform for your podcast?
– How to promote or market your podcast?
– Tips & trick about podcasting from the speaker’s experiences

Register now at http://bit.ly/creatalks-5


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