You might be asking where the creators money come from? How they could monetize their content? How they collaborate with brands? Today as the industry keep growing, new comers need to know that knowledge. So, let’s learn together with Adi Prabowo, Cindy Karmoko, and William Sudhana at CREATALKS Vol.6: Monetising Your Content”. It will held on Tuesday, 28 May 2019 at Kantorkuu Coworking Space – Citywalk Sudirman, Jakarta.

Who is Adi?

Adi has a lot of experience in collaborating with may content creators (both micro and macro) in various creative campaign with brands that he handled such as Heavenly Blush, Revlon, and Nutrisari. He is know the Head of Brand & Category Development Mundipharma Indonesia, where the product is well-known as Betadine.

Who is Cindy?

Graduated from Instituto di Marangoni, Milano Cindy also obtaines a Master Degree in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising from Domus Acadmy Milano. Working day to day as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, she also put attention to current trends and understanding consumers demand through her social media skills to optimize her collection.

Who is William?

William was graduated as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer from The University of Nottingham back in 2011. He is now the CEO and & founder of vosFoyer, a creative consultant company based in Jakarta that focusing on integrated story telling O2O (online to offline) strategy. As the bridge between creators and brands, vosFoyer has done many influencer marketing campaigns collaborating both stakeholder.

What will you learn:

– 2019 campaign trends
– Brand perspective
– Knowing what brand needs
– How to catch the brand’s attention
– How to find the brand that fits you
– How to collaborate up
– Attitude as creator

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