Talking about beauty, we can not only focus on one point and forgetting the whole aspects. Beauty is something that should be define from two sides, inner and outer. While skincare and makeup helps women to enhance their outer beauty, a beautiful heart is something that will make their beauty shine from inside. We ask Kae Pratiwi, a skincare enthusiast, to know her perspective, why she love sharing about skincare and how she accept herself. Kae is more than just skincare.


What triggers you to start being a skincare enthusiast? Do you have any bad experience in the past?

I have an appreciation for beauty products for many years, be it makeup and skincare. But at 2012, I had a very bad breakout. I insisted of not going to the dermatologist. Instead, I decided to take and be in charge of my own skin; trying to find out what I can do and what I can use for my skin.

After many years feeling defeated not able to find the products to suit me, it was different this time. My effort paid off. I started to see results and realized that it is indeed possible for me to find the products that can work for my skin. I just have to try harder, that’s all. That’s when my obsession with skincare started and it grew deeper and deeper.

I started to write down reviews, just as a reminder for myself about the products, experience and the journey itself. The rest progressed on its own, unplanned.


How you accept yourself?

Be grateful and thankful every single day, no matter how little it is. I pray and say grace, in the morning, at night, in the middle of the day, as often as I can. As simple as sleeping soundly and waking up in the morning, that’s a gift in itself. When I’m having some problems, I tried to do the same as well. Try to see things on a different angle. Find the light at the end of the tunnel. The silver lining.

As someone who was bullied for my physical appearance through my younger years, it is not easy. Self-love is not a walk in the park, especially when you’re constantly belittled and being compared to others who are “more” than you. It’s a constant hard work picking myself up when I’m feeling down. I came to a realization that I will never forget how it felt, but it has built to who I am right now, a stronger person. I learned how to rise up above the negative feelings. Try to be a little ignorant, filter the bad ones out. That being said, again, it’s not easy. Some days can be really tough.

I’m extremely grateful that I found the right kind of support that I needed in my life, my husband is one of the very few. Frankly, it wasn’t exactly found easily and not necessarily always by blood. Being in the digital world definitely opens up a whole new door for me. I don’t feel that lonely anymore. There are others, in fact, many people who feel the same and needed the same positive support.


Is there any habit that you influence to others in real life or using social media?

Always be kind. We’ll never know the hard battle the people are going through, despite what we see on the outside. Trust me on this. Don’t judge too easily.

I always think twice and thrice, over and over again before I want to say something, especially if I was touching sensitive topics. Pictures may say a thousand words, but words can truly affect one’s feelings.

Be a little less selfish. In the world of “me, me, me”, it’s important nowadays to give more than we’d take. We don’t live alone. We live in a society.

Today people know you as an influencer in social media, is there any perspective changes after you gain many followers? In your opinion, what makes people follow you? Is it because people need information about skincare to make them better or they have many insecurities deep inside?

First off, I don’t consider myself as an influencer. I just love skincare and I love to share my experience. No one would’ve guessed, not even me, that what started as sharing reviews could grow into something like this (though I still don’t know what to it).

It’s absolutely normal for someone wanting to have better skin or feel prettier. People have insecurities. Even the people we regard as “perfect” have insecurities. This community allows me to just be who I am, with my imperfections and insecurities. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s okay to have those. We’re all humans; we’re not perfect. We’re made differently to one another. There is not one beauty standard. This is where “beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors” is put to the test.

In relation to skincare, through my skincare journey, I’ve discovered so much more than just applying a moisturizer or doing a skincare routine. I’ve found a new appreciation for myself and other people, a better understanding about the products/brands, learning new knowledge and meeting with different people. But, the best reward I receive is the empowerment. Knowing that what I’ve shared these past few years could change someone’s aspect of life. They feel better about themselves. They’ve learned to love themselves more. Here, celebrating little victories are encouraged. I’d been in that dark place before and I surely don’t want anyone to go through it alone, feeling helpless. Through my space, I hope that people can find that it’s a safe place to embrace our “flaws” and celebrate us wholesomely.

I never find it hard for me to stay true to myself, despite the numbers of followings. I’ve always done that with my writings and I intend to keep the same.


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