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Can we blame the Millennials for being the job hopper from one to the others? Or do we need to appraise them for opening more and more job vacancy? Either one, I would say that this will be our topic whether YOU ARE MEANT to be an employee of a company or to be an Entrepreneur. If you are in the midst of this junction, just bear with my two cents about this.

Back to my childhood time, I clearly remembered there were only a few job selections to dream about, either Teacher, Doctor, Police, Astronaut, or Pilot. Back then, I wanted to be a Pilot just because it looks cool. But as the time passed, I chased different path and took Electrical Engineering major instead. Never came across my mind to pursue an Entrepreneurial path during my uni life since I was pretty absurd that day. So, after a few months doing some photography freelance, I ended up in a corporate life managing Heavy Equipment, life-secured job I would say. Decent annual income, pleasant working environment and something I can be proud of. It occured until one of those fortunate days when I stumbled upon a bunch of fellas who are into Instagram and changed my perspective about Online behavior ever since.

“The world is welcoming Internet warmly, it is the time to adapt!”

It was my decisive moment when I had to choose either staying or jumping into the world-of-uncertainty; out of my comfort zone, and I chose the second option. It was February 2015 when I handed over my resignation letter and a month later I was officially unemployed. Started to think what to do next and fast-forwarded the story, it is me today, breathing normally and employing a solid and highly-determined lil family members at home.

Through my 4 years of experience, the 1 million dollar question is as simple as “Is it every Millennials’ calling to be an Entrepreneur?”

I remembered what my Mom told me, “there are people who succeed from working in a company, high earners, sit on top management level and enjoying life. In contrast, there are a lot of suffering entrepreneurs and struggling with their life”. As much as I am agree with this statement, let me tell you my perspective about this and let you decide if this is your vocation.

  1. Find your own ‘WHY’

In everything I do, I always try to apply Simon Sinek’s Golden Rule as this is my fuel to what I will be doing. Start with Why teaches you to define your clear vision upon something. Many people are trying to create new products or business, community or content creator, and I can assure you most of those people are following each other’s success story. “It looks cool, it looks promising!” “My friends has opened a coffee shop and it works well, I might open one too!” and the fact doesn’t say so and they have to face failures.

If you don’t have the strong WHY, once those stormy days come over you, you might surrender and go back to your safe zone. On the other hand, we build vosFoyer with the vision to provide a platform where everyone can feel at home, means learning and growing together through failure and success. Over that simple WHY, we are still safe and sound despite of those stormy days.

  1. Being Entrepreneur means working 24/7

Many of you think that being an Entrepreneur or Freelancer means freedom from 9-5 working cage. However, Congratulation! Your working hour has been upgraded to unlimited 24/7 without the definition of vacation in between. Being an Entrepreneur or Freelancer requires you to put more effort in solving these 3 things (Your scope of work, Building network & partners, and also Develop your team members). Unless you are a Sultan, which you can hire all the experts to manage and run your business, you gotta be a ‘Superman’, understanding the process of Sales, Marketing, HR management, Finance Accounting, even Tax. That is pretty exhausting since you gotta be an avid learner, at least to spare some of your cash to have the core up and running. Operational expense mastery is needed mate!

  1. Social Mentality

For me, this journey teaches me to be responsible to someone else’s life. I believe when someone accepted your employment, they expect to have a better life under your supervision. I dare you to be brave in giving your employees the right to grow, in terms of financially (appreciating every drop of sweats from them), hard and soft skills to be a better themselves, access to a bigger network. If you are scared that they might steal your ‘assets’ in the future, just don’t ever pursue this journey. We have had enough confessions about Selfish / Cruel boss on the company. Entrepreneur means helping other people to achieve their dream, NOT ONLY ABOUT YOU YOU AND YOURSELF.

  1. Entrepreneur

I should wrap things out to this point and let you comment down below “What other things should be possessed to be a good Entrepreneur” or after reading this, Will you prefer to work or to be an Entrepreneur?


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